Canice Nnanna (kuh-niece, na-na) is a young, high octane performer packaged and delivered from Houston, Texas. Nnanna doesn’t understand why he has to speak in Third-Person. And to be honest, Nnanna doesn’t think people still read bios. Nnanna won The Inspired Word’s comedy slam twice, was a 2013 Finalist in the “Last Texan Standing” statewide comedy competition, writes for ‘2 Loud Magazine’ and has performed stand-up comedy on local television stations in Houston, Texas and Patterson, New Jersey.

Where does the 100K come from? I believe in giving a max effort and working extremely hard. Putting in 100% is NOT enough. I give 100,000% when I perform. Ok, I’m lying, but it sounded nice, huh? If an Outkast member can go by Andre 3K without explanation, why can’t I be Canice 100K?!